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Toward the end of 2004 AdventureComm Software sold off its Worldgroup Addon line to Rick at Elwynor has a BBS restoration site and instead of just dropping the line off completely; we decided to sell off the line to someone that will prolong the life of the product line and still offer support to those still running Worldgroup. If you visit you will find our old products and many others from other companies that you might be familar with.

It was a great 7 year run, but there comes a time for change, and this is that time for us here at AdventureComm Software. Our current focus will be on Community Building Addons. You can click the link on the left side to see what we currently have to offer and what we are currently working on. There will be alot of changes to the webpage in the coming weeks so be sure to check back from time to time to see what new products and ideas we have come up with.

For a limited time only, anyone that has bought Worldgroup modules or addons from us in the past that are interested in any of our other products please feel free to email or call us. We will offer a great discount to our past customers for a limited time. This way if you decide to migrate with us to other platforms, you will have a lower cost to move from Worldgroup, and still have great products to offer to your customer base. Best of all, even if you decide to stick with Worldgroup, but decide to grab some non Worldgroup content for your webpage, this offer applies to you as well.

Brad Farrell
AdventureComm Software